Content is King

Communication tactics like publicity, referral networks, and special events are popular because they create buzz in the real world. In fact, 90 percent of word-of-mouth happens offline or face-to-face. Your content—both spoken and written—is critical to spreading the word about your business. Here are 3 key points that will help you spread the word farther…

Small Business Starter Tips for Facebook

You can set-up a Facebook business page in seconds. But, should you? Lately, several small business owners have shared their Facebook frustrations with me. Many of their frustrations stem from a lack of planning on the front-end of the process. There is far more to developing a social media presence for a business than setting up…

How to Network: Mining Social Capital

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The first time I went to a referral network group was in the late 1990’s. It was at the Detroit Athletic Club and the attendees were predominately older men. As I sat there, images of Fred Flinstone’s secret fraternity handshake for the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes came to mind. I definitely got the vibe…

Social Media 101 Presentation

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There are numerous social media outlets. Which one is right for you? Image from Web Design Hot’s social media icon library.

As a business owner, are you feeling like you are left behind because you aren’t active in social media? Before you rush into setting up a profile and start tweeting, posting, linking, and sharing, think about how social media fits into your marketing plan. Is it the right channel for your business? If so, which social outlet is the right one to reach your customers?

Once you answer these questions, you will be able to lift-off your social media outreach with  more success. A local chamber asked me to speak to small business owners/entrepreneurs about how to get started in social media. The attendees wanted to learn how to start incorporating social media into their PR and marketing outreach and how to improve on their current efforts. Here is the presentation I shared, Social Media 101: Engaging and Connecting with Customers.

The above slideshare deck has information on:

  • The top 4 social media outlets
  • Practical tips and insights about:
    • Ethics
    • Etiquette
    • Engagement
    • Time Management
    • Content Management
  • Measuring social media success

Click here for another great resource on social media management and measurement. This google doc offers insights from people on the social media front lines who participated in Ragan Communications’ first Twitter Chat.

Happy posting and tweeting!

Create a Surfs-up Impression for Your Website

Every business owner knows making a consistent, positive first impression is essential. Yet, no less than three times this week I was told about bad website experiences. I had my own poor first impressions looking for park benches for our homeowners association. With, an estimated 215 million Americans actively surfing the Internet, the virtual experience…

Favorite PR and Marketing Resources

Associations International Association of Business Communicators (Local chapter and international association) Public Relations Society of America (Local chapter and international association) Best Practices and Industry Case Studies International Association of Business Communicators Public Relations Society of America Marketing Profs (Lots of great materials and webinars for FREE!) Marketing Sherpa (Some studies are expensive but they…

How-to Build a Brand on a Budget

Wow, would I love to have the big budgets that Martin Lindstrom, author of “Brandwashing,” must have had for the examples he shares. Over the years, most of my clients only had thousands to spend on their marketing programs, not millions. Lately, I have met quite a few small business people with budgets less than…

The Facts Take a Bow to Social Media Commentary

As humans, we feel we have free will and think independently. But study after study demonstrates how our emotions rule. So, as a communicator, how do you start crafting the right experience? The expression, perception is reality, means the facts don’t matter as much as we communicator-types want. (I know I share your shudder about…

How do creative people come up with their ideas?

As I prepared to attend the local TedxDetroit event, I wondered how other people come up with their creative ideas. (TED, a nonprofit Technology, Entertainment, Design group devoted to bringing together people to share ideas is the epitome of creativity.)  So I started asking people and found some key similarities. The creative gurus: Regularly feed…